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Hopefully you have noticed that MiGeekeasy is dedicated to celebrating all of the diverse realms of geekery. Whether you are celebrating Treat-yo-self Tuesday or looking for a unique gift for your geeky girlfriend, we’ve scoured Amazon to find items from a plethora of geekdoms that are perfect for your home or office! 

This is our list of top ten useful and decorative geek-themed items for under $40! 

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1. Game of Thrones Hand of The King Bottle Opener 

Game of Thrones Hand of The King Bottle Opener

If you know someone who drinks and knows things, this is a perfect gift for opening those delectable craft beers. We have this beauty in my collection and it works better than a dragon glass on a White Walker. We attached a magnet to the back of it so that it stuck to the fridge door. Just make sure that the magnet is strong enough because this solid zinc-alloy piece is heavy. But a bonus to doing so means it can double as a costume prop by simply using a thin metal plate or another magnet on the inside of your costume! $18.99


2. You Shall Not Pass Welcome Mat

Doormat You shall not pass

The perfect gift for your Hobbit hole! This welcome mat is tougher than a Balrog and it is made from all natural coconut husks - so your Ents and uncles will be happy you are doing your best to save Middle Earth. $30.99


3. Groot Succulent Planter

Who doesn’t love Baby Groot?This little darling of the galaxies makes the perfect  planter. Or if you kill plants faster than Galactus devours planets, he can also be a pencil holder. He comes in three different poses. $8.49


4. Star Wars Yoda Metal Bookend

Hold your books up with the force he does. Made of metal he is. Your books? Slip they will not. $27.99


5. PacMan Ghost Light Table Lamp

PacMan Ghost Light Table Lamp

For your favorite gamer, gobble up this retro icon. It has sixteen color options, is USB powered, and changes color to music! This cutie is eight inches tall and will look great at your office desk plugged into your computer or on your nerdy nightstand. $29.99


6. Death Eater Dark Mark Porcelain 14" Serving Platter

Death Eater Dark Mark Porcelain 14" Serving Platter

You could serve chocolate frogs at your next Potter Party or simply use this to hold your horcruxes on your nightstand. The best geeky decor is the kind that muggles don’t even realize is magical. $29.99


7. Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. Tea Light Candle Holder

Doctor Who Tardis Tea Light Candle Holder

Definitely better than fish fingers and custard, this ceramic candle holder is perfect for a Whovian’s votive or tea candles.  Don’t blink. It’s only $12.99!


8. Sugar, Butter, Flour: The Waitress Pie Cookbook

Sugar, Butter, Flour: The Waitress Pie Cookbook

Another from our personal collection, my daughter has made several treats from this delectable cookbook that is an official tie-in to the hit Broadway musical! It includes pies that are both sweet and savory. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. (Cheat code: you don’t have to make your own dough from scratch). $15.89


9. Ides of March Pencil Holder

Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me...a pencil? Made of heavy resin, this bust of Caesar holds seven pencils. Be sure you sharpen them before stabbing the tyrant in the back. $24.95


10. Batman vs. Joker Stylized Salt and Pepper Shakers

DC Comics Ceramics Batman vs. Joker Stylized Salt and Pepper Shakers

Where does he get those wonderful toys? These classic versions of Batman and the Joker represented are the perfect ceramic shakers for your Batcave. Can’t remember which is the salt and which is the pepper? Just remember that Batman is always salty. $19.80

What are your favorite geek-themed household items? Help us add to our collection by telling us in the comments!

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