Halloween Kills - A Gory Love Letter

by Eric Rohman, edited by Jason Applegate

Halloween Kills is a violent, gory, easter egg packed love letter to fans of the slasher genre…

But it's far from perfect. 

There be spoilers ahead!

This installment ramps the blood and guts up to a satisfying 11. Having some of the rest of the original cast back for this installment was a very nice touch. There are some incredible, satisfying,  and creative kills by Michael Myers along the way, and so many easter eggs for the fans of the original movie and it's less than stellar sequels that your head will spin.

There's not much in the way of story, except some exposition on Hawkins' story, and flashbacks to 1978. Sadly, there's also not much Jamie Lee Curtis. Instead the movie spends time bouncing around from one expendable character group to the next while Laurie is whacked out on painkillers and flirting with the deputy from her hospital bed. I can agree that this would be some sort of "torch passing" moment, until Karen is killed at the end of the movie, and Allyson is knocked out of the equation by a broken leg. 

The movie felt a little disjointed and sloppy, but you could argue that it was an intentional move to keep everyone feeling unsettled. Like it’s predecessor, Halloween II, this movie dials down the storytelling and amps up the blood quotient.  Also lost in the mix is the feeling of creeping dread and the slow-burn styling that made Halloween’s 1978 and 2018 so enjoyable.  I’m being nitpicky here because I love the original so. Fucking. Much.  

At the end of the film, I was left with a feeling of “huh, well that just happened”.  It’s not necessarily a condemnation, but it sort of left me wondering where they’re going to go next.  Obviously Laurie and Michael Myers have to have some sort of epic final showdown, but I feel like they already sort of did that in H18 - and it was GLORIOUS!  All the peripheral characters are just sort of “there” - so much so that they killed Judy Greer’s character off in the final reel after leading us to believe that she could be the next Laurie Strode.  

One last nit-picky nerd whine : while I love a franchise to bring back original actors, the oily stench of Kyle Richards’ “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” behavior tainted her appearance for me.  

Overall I would give this installment a solid 3 out of 5...enjoyable to watch again, but certainly didn’t make my Spooky Movie Hall of Fame.

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  • I love this review! I felt very similarly. I really think the whole mob mentality thing in the middle made the whole story grind to almost a stop and could have been handled much better/cut from the plot. It seemed to me that they were trying to make a point but I couldn’t (personally) get past them all just yelling “Evil dies tonight!” and running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    Maxie F on

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