Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Skeletor vs. He-man

I still have my Castle Grayskull. And my Battle Damage Skeletor. Stinkor still smells bad because in 1990 I put him in a ziploc bag. Needless to say, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are an integral part of my childhood. So when I heard that Kevin Smith was producing a new animated Masters of the Universe I was excited that the He-Man of my youth would once again be on screen. When I heard Mark Hammil voicing the Lord of Destruction, Skeletor, I was all in.

What I Loved

Revelation stayed true to the campy humor of the original series: the ridiculous puns, Orko messing up magic, Cringer being a scaredy cat, and even the kitchy one liners during battle.

The title sequence is a wonderful nod to the merchandising posters from the 80s. Upon further research I also found that the series is chalk full of easter-eggs from the original series, the 2002 series, and even the comic books! Overall, the series does a masterful job of weaving these continuities together, creating a new story that respects the nostalgia of the original.

The cameos of my favorite characters were a joy to see onscreen. The appearances of Fisto, Clamp Champ, Man-E-Face, Clawful. Faker, Spikor, as well as the many vehicles from the toy line had me scampering into the basement to take an inventory of my collection. Seeing Stinkor, Mossman, and Roboto become large parts of the storyline thrilled me. 

The cast of voice actors is star studded and I especially enjoyed hearing some Game of Thrones actors voicing Man-at-Arms (Liam Cunningham) and Evil-Lyn (Lena Hadley).

I enjoyed the dystopian versions of our favorite characters. Beastman’s braided beard was cool. I also enjoyed the devotion he has for Evil-Lyn, whose character arc was another welcome addition to the story telling. I especially appreciated the techno-cult that Tri-Klops formed and that he enlisted Trap-Jaw as an acolyte. This was both logical and a fun interpretation of a cast of characters who in the 1980s were simply henchmen. 

What Didn't Bother Me

I fail to understand the outrage that Teela is the main character of season one. I understand that the trailer misleads the audience into thinking it is He-Man centered. The story has to advance and this is a great way to do so. Even if Adam actually is dead (again) and this is setting the story up for a new Master, I don’t understand why people are so outraged. Look at Kora in the Avatar universe. This can be done well while still staying true to the MotU mythology. It’s interesting how tightly some fans hold onto nostalgia. I read some responses that used the words “assault on my nostalgia” and “treason.” To them I say, just watch the original series. 

What Disappointed

Merman’s voice!!! I love me some Kevin Conroy, but I so longed to hear the wonderfully ridiculous gurgling voice of one of my favorite characters! Also, where was his armor and his fishbone sword?

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