MI Geekeasy at Motor City Comic Con 2021

MC3 is back! After having to cancel in 2020 and postpone in 2021, Motor City Comic Con is finally back and better than ever. Emily, Kyle, Kelly, and I were so excited to be back among the geeks and freaks! We got to interview guests, check out the amazing art and memorabilia, get autographs, and gush over all the amazing cosplay!

Because we are still in a pandemic, MC3 prioritized it’s guests’ health and safety by instituting a mask mandate. This did not hinder the cosplay at all as we saw just as much creativity, craftsmanship, and humor as ever before. In fact we saw many cosplayers implement their masks into their costumes. My favorite mask implementation had to be the Hoth Princess Leia with the oxygen mask from when our favorite princess is searching for mynochs. This choice actually accentuated the costume while meeting the health guidelines. There was so much amazing cosplay that a list of our favorites would be longer than the ending to Return of the King. Some of  our favorites include Deadpool Pikachu, gender swap Beetlejuice with the sandworm puppet, and Misty Knight. We even saw some excellent group cosplay that included TeenTitans, gender swap Batman villians, and The Suicide Squad.  Our favorite mashups this year were the Mandalorian with The Hangover, Vigilante Ronald McDonald, and All Might as a cheerleader. Sexy Sauron and SexiER Gandalf (afterall, Gandalf is already sexy) might have been the most humorous cosplay. Best craftsmanship has to go to the gentlemen who sculpted their very intricate armor made out of foam, cardboard, and paper mache. You could tell that every cosplayer this weekend, from Bemo to Batman Who Laughs, was excited to be at a con strutting their stuff! If you see yourself pictured on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, please tag yourself in our photo or shoot us an email with your handle and the character you cosplayed. We want you to get noticed!


When it came to the vendors and artists, there were less tables and booths so that there could be wider aisles conducive to better social distancing. While quantity was down, quality was not. The art was beautiful, the selection of memorabilia was diverse and expansive. Honestly, it was refreshing to have more space to move around and not feel so overwhelmed by the mountainous number of comics, shirts, and Funko Pops. Every geek group was represented from anime to Zatanna. Oh, and don’t be surprised to see some of our favorites join our cadre of local artists providing fellow geeks with awesome accoutrements. Even with less vendors, each of our group was still, miraculously, able to drop some mullah on art and memorabilia. No one left feeling they couldn’t find what they were looking for. My prizes included a power sword and autographs from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on my favorite cover of Batman.


The media guests have been especially pleasant this year! Shout out to Nick and Dawn of Expand marketing group for facilitating all of our celebrity guest interviews. We had the privilege to interview pop star, Joey Fatone from N*SYNC, the man behind the Michael Myers mask, James Jude Courtney, the voice of The Little Mermaid, Jodi Benson, and the Blue Power Ranger, David Yost. Each of them had fascinating experiences to share (see our interviews below) and were super friendly. Even those we didn’t get to interview were always smiling with guests - and not just for pictures and payment. As we walked around seeing what stars were shining, I literally almost ran directly into Ice-T and Coco as they made their way to their booth. Aside from noting that Ice T is pretty fit for 63 and Coco rocks some stilettos, here’s what else we noticed. Ming-Na Wen appears to be just as lovely in person as she does on screen. Elijah Wood is freaking adorable. John Barrowman was sporting a shirt with a progress flag to support the LGBTQ community, and Michael Colter is Power Man. I’m pretty sure he can punch through a wall. 


The real hero this weekend is the con. Motor City Comic Con came back and did so safely. Every con should follow their model.

Tell us about your favorite comic con experiences so far in the comments! Go to our YouTube Channel for more interviews on Sunday. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or join our email list during comic con and you can be entered into a drawing for free merchandise!


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