MI Geekeasy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Short on time to throw together a Halloween costume for that party you just got invited to?

Below are some pretty quick and clever ideas that won’t cost your weight in Beskar steel. We have even supplied links to some of the trickier finds or essential pieces. 

Wandavision Halloween Episode - the perfect couple costume for 2021!

These are the most complicated of the costumes on our list and also the most expensive. But they are geek chic if done well. Of course you could order the cheap version that comes all put together, but come on! That’s for noobs, they will fit poorly, and they won’t last one round of the “Monster Mash.” 


Start with a red one piece swimsuit. We did not include a link here because that really is going to depend on your personal taste and how you want the suit to fit. Just make sure it’s solid red and you can’t lose. The same goes for the red cape. There are tons to choose from. Just make sure it’s solid red and doesn’t include a hood. Red satin gloves are also easy to find at any costume store or online. Below are links to the more essential or difficult to find items:

Scarlet Witch Headpiece

The headpiece is what makes this costume Scarlet Witch worthy. $25.99

Opaque tights Pink opaque tights

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good wig. It makes the difference between a classy costume and a trashy one. This one is Emily approved and she’s worn her share on the stage!



You have to start with this green bodysuit. $29.99 

After that, finding yellow gym shorts, yellow gloves (you can easily use dish gloves in a pinch) and yellow socks shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Then cut out a yellow diamond out of foam or felt and glue it to the green bodysuit. Velcro could even work. The yellow converse might be the hardest to find. They are a nice detail but might be unnecessary if you just take your shoes off when you arrive at the party. Still, here’s a link to some. (Though there are more choices available if you can fit into women’s shoes).

The yellow dracula-style cape is the piece that some geeks might get fussy about. Though any yellow cape would suffice, if the collar is really important to you, then you can make one out of a foam sheet and attach it to the cape or the body suit.

As important as the wig is to Wanda, facepaint is to Vision. Cheap Halloween facepaint is a clear sign of an amateur. Go with Ben Nye or Mehron theatrical make-up. I suggest a bruise wheel because you have the purple and also the yellow for the diamond on the forehead. It will be worth the investment as you can use this for any future cosplay to make bruises! Another option for the forehead diamond is to sew felt or foam to the hood of the green bodysuit.

Loki Variants

MiGeekeasy is hosting an Oops! All Lokis Party. We are asking people to dress as whatever they want and make a Loki variant twist to it by just adding some horns! Even if you aren’t coming to our shindig, you could steal this idea for your own easy costume. Take a costume from a previous year and just add the horns. Where’s Waldo Loki. Go-Go dancer Loki. Hippy Loki. Flapper Loki. Or take a simple uniform you find at a resale shop. Scrubs become Doctor Loki. Mechanic Loki. Gas station attendant Loki. My personal favorite, though, is to take a popular celebrity and Loki-fy them. Brittany Spears Loki. Mr. Rodgers Loki. Marylin Monroe Loki. 

Here are two types of horns to add. Loki and Silvie versions.

Loki Horns 



You will have to give out a lot of hugs to sentimental drunks if you decide to go as Steve from Blue’s Clues.You need khaki dress pants, a belt, comfy brown shoes, and the iconic green striped shirt. If you can’t find one at your local thrift store, you can order the cheap polyester costume version online. But again, it kinda defeats the purpose. I’d personally rather go with any green striped shirt to pull of the look. What you do need to have is Blue herself, otherwise no one knows who you are. What? Mom didn’t let you keep yours from when you were little? Ouch. Here’s one. Even with Blue, consider a nametag so that you don’t have to carry her everywhere.

QAnon Shaman

Too soon? Maybe. But if you are daring enough to go shirtless and possibly get punched, all you need is khaki work pants, a belt, black work gloves, shoes, and this little combo to make the iconic headpiece. I know these don’t make a perfect replica. But everyone will know who you are.

I feel like cheap red, white, and blue Halloween facepaint for this guy actually makes the costume more authentic. Oh, and if you’re really daring, you can use a sharpie and draw his tattoos on your body. Adding an American flag and bullhorn are also nice touches.

Here are some other quick costume ideas that we don’t have the word count to go into:

  1. Matrix characters - pleather and sunglasses, hand out blue and red Mike and Ikes
  2. Dennis from Jurassic park - a hawaiian shirt or rain slicker and can of shaving cream
  3. Jeff Bezos astronaut - make it out of Amazon boxes. Someone please do this!

We hope that these inspired a last minute costume idea that excites you! Let us know in the comments if you are going to use one of our ideas or if you have your own suggestion!

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