Motor City Comic Con 2022

In October of 2021, Motor City Comic Con returned to Suburban Showplace. In 2022, the con is back in it's May timeslot and it has returned to it's full glory! Cosplay was out in full bloom, media guests were cheerfully greeting their fans, and vendors were pushing their wares!

This year, MI Geekeasy had the opportunity to interview the entire cast of media guests from the Christopher Reeves Legacy panel. All of our interviews were so very pleasant and we often continued the conversation with these very affable media guests even after the camera was done rolling. A special shout out to Dawn, Katrina, Rachel and Nick from Expand marketing for being so wonderful to work with yet again. We love your professionalism and your friendliness. 

Jason got to meet all of these characters from his childhood. He was most impressed by Aaron Smolinski's authentic kindness, Mariel Hemingway's passion for mental health awareness, and the insight he got from them all about the behind the scenes of the films that were the first successful super hero blockbusters. He loved hearing that Marc McClure never really read for Jimmy Olson. But he was most pleased by Sarah Douglas's fiesty charm, her confidence, and her sharp wit He may have even flirted with her and was happy she received it without throwing a bus at him. In one moment of the video, another camera man walks in front of Emily's shot and I thought lasers would shoot from Miss Douglas's eyes. But alas she is much kinder than Ursa and I only think she took particular umbredge because she had taken to Emily behind the camera. Sarah had some very kind words for Emily and assured me that I was lucky to have her. Something I already knew, of course. 

After interviewing the Superman panel, we went straight for Diane's Donuts. Their delectable donuts are definitely a part of our comic con tradition! You should make it a part of yours!

Next was a beeline to artist alley. So much beautiful art! Some of our favoites include Brittany Ann Art, Misty Bondy, Maja Nation, Chalk Girl, and Sarah Wilkinson. No matter what style of art you prefer or what geekdoms you subscribe to, there is always something worth purchasing from these talented local artists. 

After looking at all the beautiful art, we had a chance to visit with Stephanie Panisello, a voice and motion capture actress for animation and video games. Stephanie is most known for portraying Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2. She was an absolute delight. She had so much enthusiasm for her craft and for her fans! 

The cosplay was on point as usual. We watched as Multimedia Make-up Acedemy created Poison Ivy. We saw an amazing couples cosplay of Green Arrow and Black Canary. Chainsaw Man was being carefully escorted down the aisle. Squirrel Girl and Ahsoka dispensed justice. Variant Loki looked like a queen and demanded our servitude. (The "cosplay" hyperlinks in this paragraph will take you to our instagram post of these cosplayers and more!)

What was your favorite part of Motor City Comic Con in the comments below!

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