Really Cool Comic Con 2021

Comic Cons are back!

Really Cool Comic Con at Dort Federal Center in Flint, Michigan is the first comic con that I have had the privilege to attend since before the pandemic. This is the third time I have gone to a smaller comic convention and I have to say that they have a unique charm that makes them worthwhile. Now a smaller con is not going to offer you the heavy hitting celebrities like Frank Miller or William Shatner. So if that is how you measure attending a convention, then smaller conventions are not really for you. However, if you love a friendly atmosphere, cosplay watching, and not having to squeeze through mobs of people to see if booth number 267 has the Pop! figure you’re looking for, then I highly recommend spending a Saturday at a smaller convention like this one. Here’s what small conventions DO have but without the crowds and the price gouging:

A Cost Friendly Comic Con

First, the price of admission is fantastic. Pre-order tickets were only $12 and only $15 at the gate. That's cheaper than a movie or the state fair! Kids age 10 and under are free. Parking is free. Even the concessions are reasonably priced! The prices for the art, comics, and collectibles were all reasonable as well. At a smaller con, you can feel much more at ease that a vendor isn't trying to rip you off. There's nothing worse than finding what you just bought in another booth for significantly cheaper.

Kids 10 and under are free!

Local Art

Smaller conventions guarantee that most if not all of the artists are local artists and who doesn’t love shopping local and supporting the arts?!? I made sure to visit each booth to discuss their artwork and even purchased a commission of a couple of My Hero Academia characters. 

Easier Shopping

Smaller conventions also mean smaller crowds so you aren’t squeezing through tightly packed aisles and you have the pressure-free time to peruse the shelves for Legos, action figures, and comics. Instead of searching through a comic book store, I was able to easily explore every booth for its treasures and even had time to peruse them a second time once I had determined what purchases I wanted to make. At a larger con, you risk the chance the item won’t be there when you return -- if you can remember where you saw it!

Quality Cosplay - One of the best parts of a Comic Con!

This year there was no costume contest because of still wanting to be cautious about the ongoing pandemic. But the cosplay still impressed. The 501st Legion was in full force with Stormtroopers of every type. The League of Enchantment, another non-profit group that supports charities for kids, was represented by impressive cosplay of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. GI Joe fans could hop into a Cobra style vehicle and get pictures with Cobra soldiers while also donating to charity through the cosplay group Finest. The guests were also in fine form from Skeletor to Scarlet Speedsters. My favorite cosplay-themed attraction was getting to pose for a photo op with Greedo. Don’t worry. I shot first.

Cosplay on full display!

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