Really Cool Comic Con 2022

Motor City gave us a proposal. Capital City hosted a wedding. What could Really Cool Comic Con offer that would compare? Well, one of the attendants was there for his bachelor party! And why not? Really Cool Comic Con has people dressing their best, celebrities guests, good food, and even alcohol!

Really Cool Comic Con took place on August 6th and 7th at the Dort Financial Center in Flint, Michigan. The largest summer comic con in Michigan, you can find everything from celebrities to cosplay to comics. There are areas set up for photo opportunities while riding GI Joe vehicles or with your favorite superhero, ghostbuster, or stormtrooper. Events at the con included costume contests, a video game tournament, and the premiere of the movie Half Dead Fred.

Media guests included Johnny Yong Bosch who played the Black Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A role he played for three and a half seasons and two movies. It's hard to know if his popularity at the con was due to that role or the many voice acting roles he has performed in anime.
There were also multiple professional wrestling guests including two my own childhood favorites in Brutus "the Barber Beefcake" and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Hacksaw even provided precut 2x4s for autographs - his iconic finishing move was a 2x4 across the body.
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake


Brutus, who often finished bouts by giving a haircut to his unconscious foe. He was noticeably without his hot pink fishnet gloves, but he did pring along his iconic gardening shears. I also noticed Mjolnir was tattooed to his forearm so we made sure to gift him one of our 3D printed Mjolnir keychains. Brutus was very cordial and has a lot of respect for his fans. Also in attendance from that classic era of 80s wrestling were Jimmy Hart, Greg "the Hammer" Valentine, and Eric "Butterbean" Esch.

Also in attendance as media guests were two Jedi Masters. Ayla Secura, played by Amy Allen, and Shaak Ti, played by Orli Shoshan. Both actresses first appeared as these characters in the film, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Just like all the other guests, they were very gracious with their fans who posed for pictures - some, not surprisingly, dressed in cosplay of the iconic characters these women portrayed. 

Shaak Ti

This year we attended as vendors and thus did not have the opportunity to interview any of the media guests. But all of the interactions we witnessed and had ourselves, showed that they were all class acts.

As a vendor, we were still able to observe all of the amazing cosplay. Our favorite was probably the mimic. But we are always fans of family cosplay and retro cosplay, and we saw so many quality examples of both. Visit our Instagram @migeekeasy for many more pictures of the colorful cosplay at RC3. 

As vendors, we also had time to wander about and see all of the talented artists, crafters, and fellow vendors in attendance. It was amazing to see two vendors who specifically featured items representing the LGBTQIA community. Everyone was so friendly and full of geek energy. That includes those who came to shop at our booth! Kyle had about a hundred conversations about Clyde, our 3D printer. Hundreds of others tried their luck rolling with our dice towers, always our biggest sellers. Aside from the towers, our vinyl art was a great seller as were our stickers - particularly the Thor themed stickers, the Nards kick themed stickers, and Oops! Woke Up Sexy Again. Check them out by clicking the embedded links above.

Along with wonderful interactions with our fellow geeks, Really Cool Comic Con saw the creation of Gary. After having attended dozens of cons and observing a lot of...intriquing behavior, Kyle and I invented a character, Gary, who always ignores comic con (and other geek) etiquette. The con provided us some unique opportunities for some Gary shorts that illustrate what you should NOT do at a con. Thank you to all the wonderful guests who volunteered to assist us in these videos.

Attedning for the second year in a row, Really Cool Comic Con lived up to it's title. (Well, aside from the sweltering heat, which was out of their control.) If you attended, you know. If you haven't been, you should give it a go next summer. It will surely have really cool guests, really cool events, and really cool merch. 

Really Cool Comic Con 2021

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