Season's Geekings

It's that time of year. Time to eat, drink, and be geeky. 

At MI Geekeasy, we have been building our inventory so that geeks of all kinds can find our virtual shelves decked full of holly jolly geekery for every geekdom. If you are looking for a special gift from a small business, created by local artists, MI Geekeasy is the store to shop and this article will highlight some unique items for every type of geek. 

Music Geeks

You can find a vinyl art piece from our store that is fit to deck the hall of any geek. But music geeks will find our David Bowie vinyl art to be twice as nice. These are individually painted on a retro vinyl and come with a hanger on the back. Combine it with our Ew, David shirt or mug if your music geek is also a Schitt's Creek fan. 



Dungeons and Dragons Geeks

Whether they are level one or level twenty, every adventurer deserves to have a mythic mug to hold their beverage of choice. Currently, we have mugs for barbarians, clerics, monks, paladins, rangers, rogues, and wizards. 

Foul Mouthed Geeks

Wondering what to get your friend or family member who sometimes loses their filter after their second glass of eggnog? Then they might like a shirt or mug from our Mary Francis collection. These items substitute the famous iterations of the MF expletive so that they can stay off the naughty list. Our latest edition comes from one of the greates Christmas films of all time. Yippee ki yay


Bling Geeks

Who doesn't like to be complimented for their earrings, keychain, button, or bracelet? Well we have wearable accessories for a multitude of geekdoms: Marvel, DC, Stranger Things, Avatar, even Rocky Horror and Scream! These are perfect stocking stuffers!

Hipster Geeks

What is better than getting your favorite geek something that they can't get anywhere else? Our psychadelic prints and mugs are exclusive to MI Geekeasy. Choose between your favorite trippy theme: Alice in Wonderland, Beetlejuice, or Rocky Horror. 

Geek Gift Combos!

Rocky Horror - earrings, mug/print

Naughty List Geek - Skeletor "Live Evil" mug and I'm Not Bad t-shirt

Marvel Geek - Gator Loki earrings, Black Widow Bracelet, and Spider-Man Vinyl Art

DC Geek - Red Hood earrings, King Shark shirt, and Wonder Woman Vinyl Art

Of course, if you want to send Bezos into space again, you can always order the geeky items we reviewed from Amazon in our article back in October.

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